Client Case Studies

Alliance Management Group works with its clients to provide state-of-the-art membership and conference management systems, in addition to specific client projects. Below you'll find a few examples of online functions that we have built, either creating new webspaces where budget permitted, or, in many cases, seamlessly working sophisticated online functionality into existing webpages.

Unlike most other management companies, AMG has highly trained experts in a variety of programming languages. We can take over the management of your webpages, design new spaces for you, and provide online functionality membership and event management.

We do this not by using a one-size-fits all approach similar to online member management applications. Instead, we build a system tailored specifically to our client's needs. Below you'll find a few examples of the systems we've built for our clients.

National Association of Judicial Interpreters & Translators -- Membership Directory

NAJIT needed a complete overhaul of its membership systems. It was using a one-size-fits-all online membership service that was costing between about $400 a month and not providing much value. The online membership directory was not incorporated into its webpage, the search functions were not user-friendly, and the membership system did not integrate with conference registration, nor did it allow NAJIT to track dues history very well.

AMG developed a specific membership system for NAJIT that was seamlessly incorporated into its existing webpage. The system includes a public directory of its members that can be searched by courts and others who need the services of qualified interpreters.

You can see a sample Membership Directory Search function here.

Because no Membership Directory is very good without up-to-date data. AMG also created an online membership area where NAJIT members could update and edit their online profiles. You can see a sample of The Online Profile Management here.

Check out the system for joining the organization, and renewing memberships.

All of these online systems are integrated with a backend database managed by AMG staff that links financial transactions collected online to NAJIT's financial software. In addition the membership module of this system is completely integrated with a conference registration system.

AMG was able to create this system at a significant cost savings for the organization. In the first year of operation, NAJIT saves almost $6000 in web maintenance fees, by working with AMG in a strategic partnership.

Maryland-China Business Council -- Meeting Registrations

Virtually all of AMG's clients need help with online registration services, the Maryland-China Business Council, in particular. MCBC holds monthly meetings and because they are a relatively small organization thought that online management of registrations were beyond their means.

AMG worked with MCBC to provide a system tailored to their needs. Like NAJIT, their online meeting registration system is linked to an online membership system and the systems are directly linked to their financial package. See a demonstration of the registration system MCBC uses. Please note that the system opens up a secured page in https in order to handle the credit card transaction. MCBC had to move from Pay Pal to a merchant account, but the process for registering events is now seamlessly integrated into their existing webpage, and AMG staff handles the credit card processing for them.

World Trade Library -- Online Card Catalog

AMG also does project work for non-profits that may not involve direct management. The World Trade Library is a non-profit foundation dedicated to educating the public about the value of the global economy. The organization came to AMG with a limited budget and a vision of an online "card catalog" search that would allow college students and the general public to search the web for articles relevant to a number of study topics. AMG developed the webpage and the search functions for them. You can try out the card catalog at In addition to the website, AMG created an administrator interface for the world trade library's libraians. The project allowed fit into an extremely limited budget, but, in the end allowed the World Trade Library to secure grant funding for its education programs of $10,000.