Founded in 1995, The Maryland-China Business Council (MCBC) is the premier private non-profit organization dedicated to helping Mid-Atlantic companies succeed in the China Market. MCBC's members include corporations, consultancies, government agencies, non-profit organizations, and academic institutions involved in a variety of business activities with China. The Council also has a number of individual members with varied interests in trade with China. Alliance Management Group provides bookkeeping and conference and database management services.

The National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators is a professional association that was first chartered as a non-profit organization under New York State laws, and incorporated as the Court Interpreters and Translators Association, Inc. (CITA) in 1978. Since its inception, NAJIT's mission has been to promote quality services in the field of legal interpreting and translating. Its members play a critical role in assuring due process, equal protection and equal access for non-English or limited English proficient (LEP) individuals who interact with the judicial system. Alliance Management Group provides full management services for NAJIT and it's non-profit foundation. Our services include management for one large annual meeting, managing a quarterly printed newsletter, web services, online membership systems, and financial management. AMG also provides government and public affairs counselling. And AMG staffer serves as the Executive Director of NAJIT.

The National Council on International Trade Development, founded in 1967, is a nonprofit membership organization supported by American industry. It is dedicated to providing direct expertise on a wide range of international trade topics. The Council focuses on export and import regulations, as well as new or emerging issues. NCITD works to identify problem areas and impediments to the global trade process, develop global solutions and promote regulatory reform. Alliance Management Group provides full management services to NCITD, inlcuding the management of monthly meetings in Washington, DC, along with membership and financial management. AMG also provides some limited government affairs counselling.

Alliance Management Group provides government affairs counselling for the National Retail Federation specifically on international trade and transportation topics. Alliance Management Group has also provided strategic planning services to help the association grow and expand its offerings on supply chain management.


Veteran Washington investigative reporter, Greg Rushford, launched The Rushford Report in January 1995. “I believed that there was a need for journalists who write about international economic issues to explain the connections between trade, national security, and foreign policy,” he recalls. “I was also convinced that journalism needed at least one reporter whose basic job was to go around turning over protectionist rocks.” In 2007, Rushford Report went online, and Alliance Management Group helped build the online subscription interfaces. Alliance Management Group maintains the subscriber list and webpage, and handles the email distribution of the report.


The Waterfront Coalition was formed in 2000 to support new technology and better transportation planning at the nation's blue water ports. The members of the organization represent a who's who of American brands and retailers. Alliance Management Group helped to launch the organization, and as a result of our activities, AMG's CEO, Robin Lanier, who serves as the executive director for the Waterfront Coalition was named one of 2001's "Most Influential People in World Trade." Today, the coalition is one of the premier vocies for shippers in international transportation. AMG provides full association management services, including meeting planning for two multi-day conferences a year, plus board governnance, bookkeeping, database management, and government and public affairs.